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An Ice Cream Social Bridal Shower

By: Amanda Magnus

This past weekend was a busy one! We celebrated Easter with family and also had a bridal shower for Kristen. I can’t believe their wedding is only 6 weeks away! I love planning parties, it’s just what makes me happy. I love the planning process, figuring out the fine details and seeing it all come together. What makes it even more fun is having a theme to work around. So for the bridal shower we did an ice cream social theme.

The ice cream social theme worked out great since my friend had just done the same shower theme for her sister so I was able to borrow quite a few of her decorations. For decor I used an ice cream banner and ice cream cones with flowers.

Ice cream cone banner.

For the guest book table I had a jar filled with sprinkles and two ice cream cones with flowers. The D sign was something my friend had done for her sister’s bridal shower and it worked perfectly for Kristen’s too! The guest book was not your traditional guest book. I had sent out a recipe card with each invite and had everyone fill it out with their favorite recipe and bring it with to the shower. Each recipe card had the guests name on it so she has a record of who attended but also a new recipe from each guest as well!

For the food we created an ice cream bar complete with vanilla and chocolate ice cream, various toppings and some root beer in case anyone wanted root beer floats! We had some brownies and chocolate chip cookies in case some people didn’t want ice cream. Kristen’s mom also brought cute decorated cupcakes!

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To make things go quickly I ordered these ice cream bowls so that we could scoop the ice cream the day before and leave them in the freezer. That way when it was time to serve the food people could just go through the line and grab the flavor they wanted without having to have someone scooping ice cream for everyone. It worked out great!

Once everyone had their ice cream we played some games! Kristen answered questions that I had previously asked Andrew and she was able to get all of them correct! Then we guessed how many Hershey’s kisses were in a mason jar and finally some bridal shower bingo! Of course there were prizes for the winners. My mom had picked out some candles from Bath and Body Works and small hand sanitizers that were “Future Mrs.” scent. 🙂

Game prizes!

Next Kristen opened gifts to find out who would win bridal shower bingo! Once all of the gifts were opened and prizes handed out, everyone visited for a bit and then it was time for everyone to go. I had made some Orange Dreamsicle linen spray as party favors to keep with the ice cream theme!

Orange Dreamsicle linen sprays.

The bridal shower was a hit and so much fun to plan. While I love party planning I definitely couldn’t have done it without my mom and aunts who helped out with it all!

What are your favorite bridal shower games? Do you like parties to have a theme? What has been your favorite party favor?

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