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Our Easter Traditions

Can you believe it’s the week of Easter already? Even with a late Easter this year, it feels like spring has flown by. This week, we’re dedicating the blog to Easter traditions and Easter recipes.


Kristen’s Easter Traditions

Many things change over the years, but one thing that seems to stay pretty consistent for most people is holiday traditions. Growing up, springtime always meant shopping for that (very 1990s and floral) Easter dress. Side note, why is it that I remember wearing a springy dress and sandals every Easter growing up, but lately it feels like every easter is snowy and 35 degrees? Here is a little sampling of some of my Easter dresses over the years:

Pretty spiffy, huh? Before putting on our Sunday best on Easter morning, we had to run around the house and find all of the plastic eggs hidden by the Easter bunny. I must say, he had some good hiding skills because I can remember a couple years when I found a plastic egg in July. Every time I had a handful of eggs, I would run to a big bowl and empty the candy out and then I was off to go find some more. My brothers were teenagers and never very enthusiastic about finding eggs, so it was usually just me. 🙂


After the egg hunt, I would check out my Easter basket. It was usually filled with a book, a movie, and a chocolate bunny. After that is when I would put on that snazzy floral Easter dress and we would all head to the morning church service. Afterward, we would get together with grandparents and cousins for lunch, which was always ham and cheesy potatoes (among other things, but these were my favorites).


These days, Easter is spent with Andrew’s (and Amanda’s!) family! We wake up very very early for the sunrise service, maybe squeeze in a nap in afterward, and then head to his Grandma’s house for Easter lunch with all of the aunts and uncles and cousins (and there are a lot!). Two years ago at Easter is when I met the entire extended family for the first time. Coming from a family of six cousins, this was a lot to take in. 🙂 But they are wonderful and so welcoming and I look forward to seeing them at every holiday and making new traditions with them. I will let Amanda go into more detail about their Easter traditions. 🙂

Amanda’s Easter Traditions

Well I don’t have any cool pictures like Kristen did to fill you in on my Easter traditions but hopefully you will get the idea! Easter is a favorite holiday for me. It is full of so many great memories.

We head to Minnesota and stay with my aunt and uncle. But during the day Saturday we go to my grandmas and help get all of the Easter baskets ready. This involves dying the eggs and putting them in all of the baskets. Then we fill the baskets the rest of the way with a variety of candy. From there we hide all of them. That ends up being about 50 Easter baskets to hide! My grandma makes sure to write down where we hide them all. Although come Sunday morning there is no guarantee that your basket is in it’s original spot if someone else finds it first and feels it’s not hidden well enough. 🙂

So, after getting the baskets all hidden for the adults and kids we head back to my aunt and uncles. We then spend the night playing games until way to late because like Kristen said we get up pretty early for sunrise service which is at 6:30am. After sunrise service we go back to my aunt and uncles and rest up to find our Easter baskets.

We head over to my grandmas to search for our baskets and then have Easter dinner. It’s so nice to get to see everyone! And this year after dinner we get to have a bridal shower for Kristen which I am super excited about!! 🙂

So there you have it! What are your Easter traditions? Do you still find an Easter basket or have an egg hunt?

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