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Easter Crafts for Kids

By: Amanda Magnus

Well this week has been a weird one weather wise if you are in the Midwest. We had 60 degree weather and now we are getting snow! We did get to enjoy some time outside playing while the weather was nice but now we are stuck inside. So, what do we do? Well find a fun craft of course!

With Easter coming up I decided to do some fun bunny and chicken themed crafts. The best part is both involved things I had around the house already. I had each kid do something different since I didn’t want Porter playing in paint although Ella made a pretty big mess anyways so it probably wouldn’t have matter.

First up, I did a craft with Porter. What you’ll need is some yellow paper, orange paper, white paper, feathers, plastic eyes, hot glue gun and a glue stick.

First I traced his hand on the yellow paper and cut it out. Then I cut out a beak from the orange paper. I drew a cracked egg shape on the white paper and cut that out. Then I glued on the eyes to the hand print cut out, glued on the orange beak and glued the hand to the back of the white egg half. Finally I took a hot glue gun and glued on the feathers to the back of the hand.

Ella did end up doing this craft too. Once she saw Porter’s she had to have one of her own. 🙂

He was pretty proud of himself when we were done. Obviously I ended up doing most of the craft for him but he had fun getting his hand traced and holding the finished product.

For Ella’s project I had her make some bunnies and do some painting. For this one you will need three empty toilet paper rolls, hot glue gun, paint (colors of your choice), q-tip or a paint brush of some kind, piece of paper, and a pen. The first thing I did was put the toilet paper rolls together. You will want to squish two of the rolls so they are more of an oval shape. Then glue the two oval ones to the top of the third role. The oval rolls are the ears of your bunny.

Next I got some green paint and a q-tip for Ella to paint some grass on the piece of paper.

Then I let her pick out which colors she wanted for the bunnies. I put some paint on a paper plate and tried dipping the bunny in the paint but it didn’t cover it very well. So I took a clean q-tip and dipped that in the paint and then put the paint directly on the toilet paper rolls. Then I let her make the bunny prints on her paper. Once the paint was dried I drew on the bunny faces and we were done!

She wanted to do some more painting though so I let her and she painted more than just the paper. 🙂

What crafts have you done with your kids? If you try these out let us know how it goes!

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