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Our Top Movie Picks for 2019

By: Amanda Magnus

Who doesn’t love a good movie?! I’ve always enjoyed going to movies. Once I met my husband I started going to a lot more movies than I had in the past. His family are big movie goers and I have to say I enjoy it! When we go to the movies we end up doing the dinner bistro which is not only a movie but dinner as well. I am so used to getting a meal while watching a movie that I don’t think I could just go and watch a movie without doing dinner too!

The movies we often see are more of the action/drama variety as opposed to romantic comedies or chick flicks. My husband loves the superhero Marvel Comics movies. So much so that while he was gone on a business trip I took the kids and I out to try and win this full size cut out of Captain America.

And we happened to win! So now Captain America has a permanent place in our home. He seems to enjoy his space in the basement watching over our movie collection. šŸ™‚

So what movies do we plan on seeing this spring/summer? There are quite a few so I’ll list them out by month. For April we are going to see Shazam, Hellboy, and Avengers Endgame. Avengers Endgame is the one I think we are all most excited to see. It’s going to be a pretty big one!

Then in May we have John Wick 3, Aladdin, and Godzilla King of the Monsters. I personally am most excited for John Wick 3 and Aladdin. If you haven’t seen the John Wick movies they are action thrillers and so good! Aladdin is the other one I’m looking forward to. Disney movies are great and they are making a live action Aladdin movie that I think is going to be a hit!

For June we have Dark Phoenix, Men In Black, Toy Story 4, and Child’s Play. June is going to have quite the variety of movies from action, to Disney, to horror! I used to love horror movies but they have become less appealing the older I’ve gotten. But my husband loves them so I guess I will go seeĀ Child’s Play. And since I love Disney and their moviesĀ Toy Story 4Ā is definitely one I can’t wait to see!

So there you have it, the complete list of movies we plan to see this spring/summer!

Are you a big movie goer? What is your favorite type of movie to see? Do you plan to see any of the movies I listed?

3 thoughts on “Our Top Movie Picks for 2019”

  1. We love going to movies too! There has been kind of a drought on good movies lately so we’re hoping there are some good ones coming out soon! We’re not big on sci-fi or fantasy movies, but love a good drama, action film or comedy. Some of the kids’ animated movies are really cute and cleaver too, so we’re looking forward to seeing Toy Story 4 as well!

    1. Yes the animated movies are so good! We may have to have a Toy Story movie marathon before the 4th one comes out!

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