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Country Concert Recaps

By: Kristen Finstad


2019 has been the year of country concerts for me! In January, a friend and I went to a concert featuring five up-and-coming country artists here in Madison, and it was so fun to get to know some newer artists and now to start hearing their songs on the radio!


Then, in February, Andrew and I went to see one of our bucket list artists, Alan Jackson. I remember back in November seeing an article about his upcoming tour dates, and casually clicking on it not expecting to see any shows near us. Turns out, he was coming to Madison in February! I’ve never jumped on a ticket so quick. Andrew and I are huge fans of his and have always said he’d be one artist we have to see when we get a chance.


After three months of anticipation, the concert day was finally here! And on National Margarita Day, no less. So we of course had to go out for Mexican before the concert and treat ourselves to a Friday night Margarita before watching Alan Jackson sing “Margaritaville”. 🙂

This photo right here is my happy place. 🙂 Sipping on a margarita and munching on chips and salsa with my guy across the table!


Fortunately and unfortunately, we enjoyed the concert so much that all I got was this photo:

He was a simple performer, but has so many hits and recognizable songs. And, for the first time in my life, I can say that I cried at a concert. Twice. “Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning” is a tear-jerker for anyone, and “Remember When” reminds me of my grandma who passed in 2017! So, needless to say, Alan Jackson put on a great show.


Then, thanks to my awesome brother, Mark, we had tickets for the Old Dominion show this past Thursday night! I had seen them perform one other time when they opened up for Kenny Chesney at Miller Park a few years ago, and knew they were amazing in concert, so we were excited!


We got home from work and ran out the door right away to grab a bite to eat. Andrew and I are really into trying out new places that we often drive by but have never been to, and they’ve always been great! So that’s what we did before the concert. We went to Working Draft Beer Company here in Madison.

We each got a beer, and…

…a sandwich! I tried the Cheese Steak Sandwich, and Andrew had the McShoulder sandwich. We both really enjoyed them! So, if you’re looking for a unique brewery in the Madison area, check out Working Draft!


When we got to the concert, we took our obligatory selfie.

Our seats were awesome! They were on risers just off the floor and straight back from the stage. We had to laugh, though, because the camera blocked out a good chunk of the stage from our perspective. 🙂

See? That’s Mitchell Tenpenny behind the camera – or at least I think so! Ha. Anyway, Mitchell Tenpenny and Jordan Davis both opened up for Old Dominion, and both were great! Andrew and I have been loving Mitchell Tenpenny’s songs on the radio, and Andrew always jokes that he should go by “Mitchell Dime”. Get it? This is typical of Andrew’s sense of humor. 😉

Then, it was time for Old Dominion! I hadn’t realized just how many hits Old Dominion has accrued over the years…song after song was a crowd favorite!

The really cool part about this show was when they each talked about all the songs they had written for other country artists. They would sing the chorus and talk about the songwriting process, and everyone was shocked each time to learn that this well-known song by another country artist was actually written by a band member of Old Dominion! They are some pretty talented guys, and it’s cool to get a peek into the inner-workings of Nashville and what it takes to rise to the top in the country music business.


So, there’s a look at our two country concerts this past month! Have you seen these artists in concert? What has been your favorite concert ever? Who are you looking forward to seeing someday? Share with us in the comments below!

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  1. I had heard that Old Dominion got their start writing songs for other country stars, and am always impressed by those who can not only perform them, but actually write the words and music. My favorites are the songs that sound great and tell a story at the same time. Both of those sound awesome!

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