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There’s ALWAYS Time for YOU

Meet Kara Peterson, another guest, we are so excited to have on the blog! Kara is a certified personal trainer and a fitness enthusiast! She is a mom to two boys and a wife. She enjoys being in the gym and helping others reach their fitness goals! If you’re in the Delafield, WI area and are looking for a personal trainer you can find Kara at BE Fitness. Be sure to follow her on Instagram at @fitmompete.

Kara and her family.
Check out her tips below for getting a great workout in at home even if you can’t make it to the gym!
By: Kara Peterson
And by YOU, I mean whatever makes you happy.  Whether you are just starting a family, growing it, or struggling to maintain it, life is all about balance and the journey of actually finding it.  But it’s important to remember that your family depends on you and if you aren’t happy and healthy, then it’s almost impossible for everyone else to be.
For this momma, it is impossible to function normally without two necessities: coffee and exercise.  Coffee is what starts my day and prepares me for the endless tasks that lay in front of me, my workout being one of them.  If you ask my 4-year-old what momma’s favorite drink is, he will tell you “coffee”.  Many children will actually respond “wine” so I guess I’m not so much of a bad mom after all (lol).
If you consider coffee drinking an addiction, then I suppose you can consider exercise an addiction as well, especially in my case and endless others.  I always take one day off from working out each week to let my body recover, but for those other six days, I just do not feel right until I’ve had my dose of the gym.  In countless cases, I’ve walked in crabby and walked out a completely changed person.  It just has an effect like nothing else in this world.  I love that something that makes me so happy can be so good for me.  What could be better?
My two young boys, JJ (4) and Hunter (2) are, without a doubt, my world.  I have been a stay-at-home mom for 97% of the past 4 years.  When each of them was a newborn, I was of course recovering physically from labor and also trying to sort out my new life both mentally and emotionally.  I was not worried about getting to the gym at that point, but as I neared my 6-week checkup, I was itching to do something physical.  I wasn’t quite able to bring baby out and about yet and it’s not always easy to find someone to help, so I would do mini-circuits at home to get me moving.  I have also used at-home workouts when I’ve needed to squeeze something in during the week.
Below I’ve laid out a few samples of in-home circuits that anyone can utilize.  I designed them for those who don’t have access to any equipment so they are all body-weight focused.  If you DO have access to weights, feel free to challenge yourself by adding some weight to the movements.
If you don’t know how to do a movement, you can almost always google it.
Cardio-based Circuit
20 seconds jog in place
20 seconds high-knees (jog 20 but lift knees higher)
20 seconds skaters
30 seconds rest
30 seconds burpees
30 seconds alternating lunges or walking lunges
30 seconds mountain climbers
1 minute rest
*repeat circuit as many times as you are able within a 15 minute time period.  Add more rest when necessary.
*combine this circuit with another for a complete workout or alternate it with another several times for a challenge
Strength-based circuit
15 squats
10 push-ups (full or modified on knees)
15 calf-raises (stand against a wall or chair)
45 second wall sit
10 tricep-dips (on a chair)
*repeat 3-4 times
Core circuit
10 sit-ups
20 bicycle crunch
30 second plank
20 second side-plank per side
10 reverse crunches
*repeat 4 times or more
Try one circuit per day and then decide if you can handle a combination of all 3.  You will be sure to get a great full-body workout right at home!

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