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A Living Room Makeover

By: Amanda Magnus

When it comes to decorating, I have a really hard time focusing on one theme. If you remember my post about my son’s first birthday, that was evident since I combined two themes! I just like so many different things I can’t decide! Not to mention I happen to be an indecisive person in general. I also do better with smaller projects as opposed to a whole room transformation.

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Anyways, back in December I had entered a contest to win a free interior design session and I won! I can not tell you how excited I was about this. We have an open concept living room/dining room/front entry way and my husband and I both felt like we were just not making good use of our space. Between kids toys and trying to have a living area on top of making a functional entry way, it was just not working. And neither of us were able to come up with many ideas on how to make things more functional.

Enter Emily with Natural Nifty! She refinishes furniture and does interior design sessions. Her work is seriously beautiful and her design expertise is just as great! Emily came to our house and spent an hour and a half with us discussing ideas for our space. Not to mention, she has been so helpful with my hundreds (seriously not exaggerating) of questions I’ve had along the way. She was so open to changing as much or as little as we wanted. From paint to furniture to decor she had ideas for everything. She even helped us move furniture around to get an idea of where things would work best. And let me tell you, just moving things around opened up the room so much!

This was before moving furniture around.
Looking toward the front entry and dining room. The chair by the front door was pushed over there and not usually left there. 🙂
This hutch was over by the front entry but I didn’t get a picture before we moved it.

After moving furniture around we discussed possible paint colors. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to paint or not but I decided if we were going to do this I might as well go all in and completely transform our space to something we were going to love. So I ended up settling on Sherwin Williams Anew Gray for the main walls and Sherwin Williams Dovetail for the accent wall that the fireplace is on.

New paint and couches moved!
Front entry way and dining room.
Accent wall and new tv stand.
Can’t wait to redecorate this wall!

We also discussed other pieces of furniture we could add or change in the room. We decided a sectional would be the best use of space so that is coming. We also wanted a different TV stand that would work better with the theme of the room we were going for. See the picture above for the new tv stand. Which, by the way, I decided I wanted a modern rustic farmhouse theme with gray and navy as my colors and accents of rose gold. Emily had a sheet of suggestions which really helped me focus and narrow down what I wanted. The other piece we added to the room was a bench/coat rack for the front entry.

Front entry bench/coat rack.

The most recent addition to the room was blinds on the window by the front door and the window by the dining room table. We found these blinds on Amazon and they were the ones Emily had suggested. You can see the exact ones we got here. We still will need to find curtains for our big bay window, so that is in the works!

Window by the front door.
Window by the dining room table.

There is still plenty left to do as far as curtains, area rug, decor for around the room and the fireplace is getting a bit of a makeover! Any guesses what we will be doing with the fireplace? I can’t wait to show you guys how this all turns out! Stay tuned for the final reveal in a later post!

Have you ever done a whole room makeover? How did it turn out? What color and themes did you go with?

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