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Must-Watch Winter TV Shows

By: Kristen Finstad


I think I’ve done my fair share of complaining about winter on this blog, but until I see some green grass and hear some birds chirping, I’ll probably keep on complaining. 🙂 One way we’ve been coping with the cold temps and seemingly daily blizzards is with some quality TV content. So today, I’m sharing our favorite TV shows from this winter.


The Bachelor

Okay, you know that whole “bad car accident” analogy? That, for me, is The Bachelor. You just can’t look away. I know the show is cheesy, and probably half scripted, but there’s a reason it’s lasted for so many seasons: when it comes to entertainment, it’s pure gold.

Another way both Amanda and I have stayed interested in the show is with our Bachelor fantasy league. Each season, we round up some friends and family to compete in a fantasy league to win a golden hoe (because our Fantasy team name is Rose Before Hoes). We try to make predictions on who will get that week’s one-on-one date, a kiss, a group date, etc. Whoever has the most points at the end of the season is the new owner of the Golden Hoe.

The current owner passes the Golden Hoe off to the new owner.
We write the name of each season’s winner on the Golden Hoe.
And the winner takes the Golden Hoe home until next season!

Who else isn’t afraid to admit The Bachelor is a guilty pleasure? Who are your bets on for this season?


Celebrity Big Brother

This season of Celebrity Big Brother just wrapped up last week, but this show always manages to keep us entertained (several nights a week!). This season’s celebrity contestants were Jonathan Bennett, Tamar Braxton, Kandi Burruss, Tom Green, Lolo Jones, Kato Kaelin, Joey Lawrence, Ryan Lochte, Dina Lohan, Natalie Eva Marie, Anthony Scaramucci and Ricky Williams.

This show is always pure drama, but I think the drama is escalated even more when it involves celebrities who are trying to stay relevant. I prefer regular big brother (which we can look forward to this summer), but it’s entertaining regardless! Chime in below if you’re a fan of Big Brother!


A Million Little Things

Andrew and I are typically into reality TV and not so much the TV dramas, but I knew how good This Is Us is, and A Million Little Things was giving me similar vibes. We took a chance on it, and now we’re hooked! The show follows three friends and their families as they cope with the loss of a friend, and just when you think you have the show figured out, it takes twists and turns that you’d never expect. If you like This Is Us, I think you’d also like A Million Little Things!


Those are pretty much all the shows we’ve been recording lately, but we’re looking forward to a new season of Survivor starting this week!

I’ve heard plenty of people say good things about The Masked Singer! Do you watch? I also know American Idol will be starting up soon. What shows have you been recording? We’re always looking for new ideas and recommendations! Share with us in the comments below. 🙂



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