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Looking Back on Vacations Past

By: Kristen Finstad


As I write this, Andrew and I are stuck in traffic on terrible wintry roads in YET another snowstorm (that marks, what, five storms in three weeks?). To say I’m over winter would be an understatement. So, I’m taking a moment to close my eyes and relive some past vacations, and to look forward to our upcoming vacations over the next year.


Last Memorial Day, Andrew and I went to Door County to kick off summer. We biked around Washington Island, hung out with some goats, enjoyed some ice cream and so much more. Here are a few of my favorite photos from that trip:


The summer before, we took a road trip down to Nashville and enjoyed a Makers Mark tour, a stop at Wildlife in Need, an Eric Church concert, some downtown rooftop bars, and even met Dave Ramsey and Chris Hogan!


The summer before that, just before meeting Andrew, I tagged along with my parents on a trip to Breckenridge, CO. It was beautiful!



Just after graduating college, we took a trip to the San Diego area, and also spent a day in Tijuana just to check Mexico off my bucket list. 🙂



The summer between my junior and senior year of college I took a class and worked an internship in London, England. I loved it so much! I also took weekend trips with friends to Cardiff, Dublin, Amsterdam and Oslo.

Oslo, Norway
London, England
Cardiff, Wales
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Dublin, Ireland


A few months before the summer in London, I went down to Myrtle Beach, SC for spring break with a few friends. Most people were bundled up on the 60-65 degree days, but us Wisconsin kids weren’t wasting a trip to the beach!



A few trips from my childhood also stand out to me. When I was just about two years old, my mom and I tagged along with my dad on his business trip to Hawaii. Just look at that lil’ belly. 🙂


For my 6th birthday (my golden birthday!) my family and I went to Disney World in Orlando. What more could a Disney-loving, princess-obsessed six-year-old ask for?!


What’s getting me through this winter is knowing that in just 4 months, Andrew and I get to escape for a week on our honeymoon to the Canary Islands. Here’s a glimpse of where we’ll be staying. 🙂


AND, in a year from now, we’ll be on a cruise that makes stops in Mexico, Belize and Honduras!


So, although these cold temps and snow-covered roads are getting old, we’ve got plenty to reflect on and to look forward to.


What have been some of your favorite vacations? What vacations do you have coming up? We’d love to hear all about them! Share with us in the comments below!

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  1. Growing up, we never traveled much at all. Once my mom went back to work we finally had enough money to take some modest trips. We usually went west (to the Black Hills and Wyoming), but made one trip to Northern Arkansas. I love to travel, but didn’t fly on an airplane until I was 26 years old… since then have visited all 50 states, many of which were for my job. I’ve only been abroad once (to Norway with Kristen), and have been to Canada and Mexico a handful of times. My favorite trips have been with the family, but since the kids are pretty spread out we hardly got to all go together!

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