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Porter’s 1st Birthday Party

By: Amanda Magnus

Well my last post was all about Porter’s first year. I promised I would do a follow up on what we did for his first birthday party as well so here it is!


I am terrible when it comes to picking just one thing. There are just too many options and ideas that I like that I just can’t narrow it down and stick to one. So with Porter’s birthday theme I wanted to do forest animals because I think they are so cute! Well the more I looked around I came across the buffalo plaid theme too. Of course I fell in love with that idea and just couldn’t focus on one. So, I ended up with a buffalo plaid forest animal themed party for him.


As usual I made most everything we had for decor. For one it’s a big money saver and two I just enjoy doing crafts and making things like that. The first thing I started working on was of course the birthday board. No party is complete without a birthday board and if you haven’t figured it out already Kristen and I both like to have them at any parties we are a part of.

I used pom pom streamers and white wrapping paper from the dollar store to make a backdrop and then decorated the buffet with cardboard letters that spelled ONE and set them on part of a tree stump. The tree stump was actually part of our wedding center pieces that I held on to the past (almost) 5 years. The canvas prints I borrowed from a friend!

His highchair was the next thing I decorated. I put together a banner to hang on the front and then also bought a banner from Hobby Lobby to hang in the window area above where we’d have his high chair. 


A party isn’t complete without party food! For food I usually try to come up with things that will go along with the theme. So we had the following:

Forest Berries
Rabbit Food – Veggie Tray
Snail Shells – Tortillas filled with cream cheese, sour cream, taco seasoning, and shredded cheese. Then rolled and sliced.
Smokey’s Smokies – BBQ Smokies
Wombat Poop – brownies cut into squares because fun fact, wombats poop square poop!
Squirrel Nuts – Nutter Butter cookies
Birch Logs – Pretzel rods dipped in white almond bark and drizzled with milk chocolate.
The Watering Hole – water, soda, and punch that was just made with ginger ale, sprite and sherbert.
The whole spread!

Last but not least we had the smash cake! This turned out to be super simple. I just made a chocolate two layer cake and frosted it with vanilla frosting. The vanilla frosting ended up with pieces of cake crumbs showing which made it look like the bark for a birch tree. So that was pretty perfect! Then I mixed a little chocolate frosting with vanilla to make a light brown for the top of the cake (trunk). Once frosted my aunt had the idea to take a serrated bread knife and twist it across the top to make tree rings. It ended up working perfect!

    Smash Cake

I set the cake on top of another tree stump I had, crumbled some of the cake I had cut off to make the two layers level to look like dirt and added a banner I had found at Hobby Lobby. My uncle made the number 1 we set on front of the cake from twigs which turned out super cute!

The Party!

The party went great! We just had some family over to celebrate. We got pics of the kids with the birthday decor and were able to get a family picture with all of us as well. I made our shirts which I thought were a great addition to the party theme!

And of course we got pictures of Porter eating his cake. He didn’t get too messy with it right away and actually just ate it! My aunt helped him out in the end by smearing his hand across his face so he looked messy!

Well that sums up Porter’s first party! He had a great time and loved all of the cake. What is your favorite party theme you’ve done or seen? What is your go to party food? Tell us all about the fun things you’ve done or seen done for parties you’ve been to!



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