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Porter’s 1st Year!

By: Amanda Magnus

I can’t believe I’m writing this post already. How is my baby a year old already?! As everyone says, time goes by so fast and little ones grow in the blink of an eye. It’s so true! And I feel like with the second kid it goes even faster! Since time won’t slow down I thought a look back over the past year of memories with our little man was a good idea!

Fun fact, Porter was actually due on Super Bowl Sunday last year but he decided to make his entrance about a week early. He made things pretty easy on me labor wise. It was about 9 hours from the start of my first contraction. We chose to have him at Authentic Birth Center which is absolutely the most beautiful and peaceful place to have a baby in my opinion! Seriously, click here and check out the photo tour of the birth center. I had him in Serenity Suite in the big whirlpool tub so he is our little water baby. 🙂 I also got to take a relaxing herbal bath in that tub later that day and had warm tea and honey brought to me as well. We were treated like royalty to say the least!

New born baby Porter!
Amazing whirlpool tub complete with tea and honey.
First time Ella got to meet Porter.

From the very first day he was born he has been the most content and happy baby. He smiles all of the time and really only gets upset if he’s hungry or his sister is beating up on him. We keep telling her soon he’s going to be bigger than her and she may be the one getting beat up on. She doesn’t seem to care, although I never did either when my parents would tell me the same thing about my little brother.

She really does love him!
Ella reading a book to Porter.
All dressed up for trick or treating.

So over the past twelve months Porter has learned to roll, army crawl, crawl, pull up on furniture, walk along furniture, climb on top of things, and stand for a few seconds on his own. He doesn’t have much hair but ended up with 7 teeth in a matter of 2.5 months. I can’t imagine that was fun but he took it like a champ and we never really had him get fussy. He sleeps through the night which is great and he loves his naps. One of his favorite things to do is for us to pretend like we are running away from him and he will chase us as fast as he can giggling the whole time until he gets us.

Just climbing and checking things out.
First Valentine’s Day.
First St. Patrick’s Day.
First 4th of July.
First Thanksgiving.

Porter also loves bath time with his sister, playing with his pets, and devouring any food you put in front of him. He’s a great eater which is a nice change of pace compared to his sister who is one of the pickiest! Porter does adore his big sister though and oddly enough their favorite thing to do is lock themselves in the dog kennel and just hang out. I don’t get it but who am I to ruin their fun!

So relaxed during bath time.
Loving his food!

All in all this has been an amazing year getting to see him grow and develop a personality. Not to mention seeing the relationship that him and his big sister, Ella, have formed is so fun to see! They are the best of friends…most of the time!

Months 1-4
Months 5-8
Months 9-12

Well that’s enough going on and on about him. I hope you enjoyed a recap of the past year. Stay tuned for a post about his birthday party! I’ve of course been busy making things and planning for it.

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