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Life Lately

By: Kristen Finstad


Happy Monday, friends! If you’re in the upper Midwest, chances are you’re buried in snow and toughing out the frigid temps today. Winter has officially arrived, and I, for one, am not a fan. I’m cheering myself up a bit today by reminiscing on the past couple of months and all of the fun things we’ve been up to! So, here’s a little bit of life lately:

A little fun fact about myself: I played tennis in both high school and college. And since graduating college, I’ve played very little tennis. So, this winter my old tennis buddies and I decided to join a league! We’ve been feeling pretty rusty, but it was so much fun to get back out on the court and relive the glory days just a little bit. 🙂

Storm is very dapper at all times, and this photo was just to document that fact. Isn’t he handsome? 🙂

Andrew and I have been keeping busy with lots of wedding planning, and on this night we were making our way around Target scanning just about everything in sight for our wedding registry. There are worse things!

We’ve been keeping warm on these winter days by hunkering down in the basement and playing games. Storm decided to snuggle on this day. 🙂

Last weekend when we were running errands, we encountered a man in a convertible! In 10 degrees! He didn’t seem to be phased, so he must’ve been enjoying himself.

Another fun fact about myself: I love concerts! Last weekend, my friend and I went to the “Class of 2019” concert here in Madison, which featured five up and coming country artists who all have a few recognizable songs and will only become more well-known in the next couple of years. This concert featured Riley Green, Tyler Rich, Mitchell Tenpenny, Travis Denning, and Jon Langston. They were all out there sitting on a stool taking turns singing one of their songs. It was awesome!

This is just a photo of my friend and me on the night of the concert last week.


So Andrew has a Nest camera in his back yard to keep an eye on Storm when he’s home alone. Clearly this photo was taken pre-snow storm, but it’s been funny to see what Storm gets himself into when we’re away. Here he is just sitting in a hula hoop. 🙂

I’m clearly just a little excited for our big day! This photo was taken a couple weeks ago, though, because now we’re down to 125 days. Also, that bouquet in the back contains one dried flower from every bouquet Andrew has given me. He’s a pretty good catch. 😉

This photo was taken at our most recent tennis match. I always enjoy getting together with my old college friends and playing tennis, but this day ended up being a rough one. After my match, I realized I locked my keys in the car, so my friend drove me halfway back to Madison and Andrew met us halfway with my spare keys. And on the way to get my spare keys, I got a call from my bank saying that my debit card was compromised. So, this smiley photo was taken before I knew what the night ahead would entail. 😉

We’ve blogged before about our experiences at Board & Brush, but I thought I’d share where I hung my most recent pieces! It’s such a fun way to decorate a room!

We love us some Impractical Jokers, so in December we went to see Sal Vulcano at the Comedy Club here in Madison. He was just as funny in person as he is on TV!


So that’s what we’ve been up to lately. 🙂 How are you spending your winter days? Share photos with us in the comments!

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