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Indoor Activities for Kids So You Can Keep Your Sanity

By: Amanda Magnus

Does anyone else feel like January is the longest month out of the year? It seems the end of the year always flies by with the holidays and then we celebrate a new year starting and time just seems to crawl after that. Maybe it’s the cold Wisconsin winters and being cooped up inside that doesn’t help. And if you have kids and need to keep them entertained, it can be difficult when everyone is going a bit stir crazy.

Since I stay home with my 3 year old and almost 1 year old I’m always looking for new things to do with them to keep them entertained. I’m going to tell you about a few of the things we have done to help the January blues not get to us.

Bring the snow inside!

Yes, you read that right. You may think that’s a bit crazy and why would you want to do that?! Well for one, I hate being cold. And second of all, it takes time to get everyone bundled up to head outside. Not to mention some days just aren’t warm enough to be outside.

So in order to bring the snowy fun indoors, I just grab a large plastic container, something to scoop with and head out to the porch and fill it with snow. Then I lay down some towels, give the kids some kitchen utensils and let them have at it!

As you can see, they had a great time getting to play with the snow!

Hide small toys in a bowl of dried beans.

This one is pretty simple. I had a bag of dried beans that I hadn’t gotten around to using so I figured why not let my 3 year old have some fun with them. I took a large bowl and dumped in the beans. Then I took her clock with the shapes and hid all of the pieces in the beans. Then she got to dig through them to find the pieces and put the clock back together. This turned out to be more fun than just putting the clock back together since she had to search for the pieces first!

You could do this with any toys. It’s a surprise for them what’s hidden!

Muffin tin turned ball holder.

This is another easy idea you can do with things around the house. I just took a standard 12 cup muffin tin and some balls we had. I set them down for Ella and had her put them in each of the 12 holes and tell me their colors as she did it. I had her count as well. So not only does it keep her entertained but it kept her brain thinking too. 🙂 This activity is also something that my 11 month old can have fun with too.

Another thing she started doing with the muffin tin was filling up the holes with beans. So that is another idea but I can’t take credit for that one since she did that all on her own.

The possibilities are endless!

These are just a few of the ideas I was able to come up with quick. But there are so many simple things you can do with household items to create fun activities for your kids. Not only is it fun for them but it gives you a bit of a break since they are entertained!

Hopefully these ideas will help save your sanity this winter season! Tell us if you have any other ideas for indoor activities in the comments!

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