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My Stitch Fix Experience

By: Amanda Magnus

One thing we haven’t covered much yet on our blog is fashion. I personally don’t consider myself a fashion guru but, I’m sure like many of you, I do enjoy getting new clothes and at least trying to look fashionable! And if you are anything like me, I tend to stick to what I’m comfortable with and don’t get too adventurous with my clothes if I’m the one picking them out.

Stitch Fix: How It Works

Enter Stitch Fix. Stitch Fix is a clothing service that allows you to have a personal stylist select items for you! It really is quite easy. Here is how it works. You set up a profile where they will ask you questions about what sizes you wear, your style, and your likes and dislikes. You can even link any Pinterest boards you may have dedicated to fashion.

Once you have your style profile created, you can write a little bit about yourself and what you are looking to get from your fix. This can be anything from a special event you have coming up, things you specifically do not want to receive, and what your lifestyle is like from day to day.

Then you can schedule your fix. There is a $20 styling fee but if you choose to purchase any pieces from your fix then that $20 goes toward your purchase. They will send you 5 pieces. If you choose to keep all 5 you get a 25% discount on everything which is also nice! They ship everything to you for you to try on in the comfort of your home. Once you select what you want to keep, you complete your order online and pay. If you are sending anything back they also include a return shipping bag to return the items in.

Another great thing that comes in your fix is a note from your stylist telling you about the pieces she selected and why she selected them for you. They also include pictures of the pieces they sent along with other items you can pair them with. This is so helpful if you are someone that needs help putting together outfits like me!

Style cards and note from stylist.

My Fix

I have ordered 3 fixes over the past few years. The first fix I ordered, I received more work casual items since I was working in an office setting and that’s the type of pieces I requested. The second fix I ordered I requested casual clothes that would work well around the house since I was staying home with my daughter at this point. I was also specific and requested tops that were easy to nurse in and was very specific about the length of jeans I needed. I can never find jeans that are long enough usually so it’s a headache and I was not confident that they could find jeans for me. Well this second fix was my favorite! The tops, cardigan and jeans that came were all amazing and I still wear everything today! I ended up keeping everything from that fix.

The third fix I ordered was just this week! I was a bit more open this time with what I wanted. I still wanted stuff that was comfy for around the house but was open to a nicer outfit as well. My fix arrived over the weekend and I of course opened it up right away. Just from looking at everything, I thought it all looked great. I started trying everything on and while a lot of it was cute, I didn’t love it. Now this is where I went wrong. It was still earlier in the morning and I hadn’t really gotten ready for the day yet. So I was just throwing things on without actually trying on a full outfit with the pieces.

I decided I would think on things and see how I felt later. So I decided to try things on again once I had gotten ready for the day and boy did that make a huge difference! My husband Brian and I both went from thinking everything was okay to liking all of it! So you’re probably wondering what I got, right?!

Okay, here it is! The first piece I tried on was this striped sweater with elbow patches. This one I did love right away! I went back and forth so many times on if I should keep this one or not. 

The next piece was this long cardigan. I live in cardigans! I am always cold so layers are my friend. I haven’t found a longer cardigan though that was a good length and didn’t look awkward on me. Somehow my stylist did it and I really like this piece! 

This third top is a great comfy piece to wear with yoga pants! Great for lounging around the house or running out if need be. This was such a soft comfy top but I did send it back because I already have a top almost exactly like it and the same color so I couldn’t justify having another one. 

This fourth piece I liked when I first saw it. I thought the colors were really pretty. Then when I tried it on, I didn’t love the pattern but I did love the style of the shirt. It’s long enough to wear with jeans or leggings which allows for more outfit options. Once I tried it on with a whole outfit I really ended up loving this shirt. However, I just couldn’t get everything this time so I did send this one back as well. 

My final piece was this beautiful dress! I felt great in it as soon as I put it on. It fit great and I loved how it looked on. But I just don’t have much need for dresses unfortunately. And I would end up throwing a cardigan on over it because, as I said, I’m always cold. Once I put a cardigan over it it just wasn’t the same and I didn’t love it as much. If I wasn’t always cold and had a need for dresses this would have been a must-have!

So, once I tried everything on it was time to decide what to keep and what to send back. They provide a prepaid envelope to ship anything back in which makes it all very easy! You also can log into your account to check out. Once logged in you can review each piece for size, fit, price and also rate your overall fix. This is also where you have a chance to exchange anything for a different size.

In the end I kept the long cardigan and sent the rest back. It’s not that I didn’t love everything else it’s just that I didn’t have an immediate need for it. The cardigan is something that I can pair with a lot of different outfits though so it was the most versatile. Stitch Fix is definitely one of my favorite ways to get new clothes and I will definitely be ordering again!

Give It a Try

Well, there you have it! My complete Stitch Fix experience. I love Stitch Fix and will definitely order another fix in the future. If you want to give it a try use my link here and we will both get a $25 credit on our fix!

Have you tried Stitch Fix before? What do you think of the pieces I got? If you have any questions just type them below in the comments and I’ll answer them!

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  1. Loving the floral dresss! I can think of so many different professional occasions where a dress like that one would be perfect!

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