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New Year’s Eve Recap

By: Kristen Finstad


Hello, friends! Happy Monday! Can you believe New Year’s Eve was already a week ago? It’s so tough to transition back into a full five-day week, so for today, we’re going to relive New Year’s Eve for just a little bit longer.


Andrew and I attended a 1960s Mad Men themed party at one of our favorite bars in Madison, Bierock. All attendees were encouraged to dress in 1960s attire, and we couldn’t pass up that opportunity. So, a trip to Goodwill ensued! Here’s what we ended up with:


Not too shabby, right? We also found these great sunglasses at Target and just popped the lenses out.

I told Andrew he looked like a 1960s school principal, and now I can’t un-see it. He looks good though, right?!


When we got to Bierock, they greeted us at the door with a pack of smokes (candy, of course) and prompted us to enter our names in to a raffle for a chance to win a “Jon” Ham (get it? Jon Hamm? Like the actor in Mad Men?).

This event featured free beer from 8-9pm, and then two free drink tickets for the rest of the night, plus a buffet of delicious food, and a midnight champagne toast.


We spent the evening chatting with each other and a few other people at the party, counted down to midnight, and then the winner of the ham was announced. And who else would win it but Andrew?


Low-quality photo but high-quality night


We’ve been talking all week about how much fun we had on this night! How did you all celebrate New Year’s Eve? We’d love to hear!


Also, I couldn’t not share this photo of Andrew getting ready for the night.


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