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Gift Giving Ideas from Kids

By: Amanda Magnus

Gift giving can be so stressful this time of year. It’s hard enough trying to find gifts from you for everyone on your list. Then if you also have children you may be having to find gifts for them to give to friends and family as well.  If you are still searching for the perfect gifts for people on your list, check out our other gift giving ideas here and here.

If you need ideas of what your children can get the people on your list, I have some ideas! Handprint and footprint art! I personally love this idea because not only is it cute, but it’s handmade and a keepsake as well. These gifts work great for grandparents and aunts and uncles.

Over the years I have done a few plates with my kids handprints and footprints. The first thing you’ll want to do is search Pinterest for some inspiration. Once you have an idea you like, decide what you want to put the handprints/footprints on. I have used plates and canvas before.

Next it’s time to create! The tricky part is getting your kids to cooperate for this. I’m not sure if it’s easier when they are younger or older. I’ve had challenges with both! 🙂 I usually take a sponge brush and quickly paint the hand or foot I’m going to use. I have used acrylic paint for this. Once the hand or foot is painted, go ahead and press it onto the item you chose to decorate. Below is the first one of these I tried with my daughter.

Rudolph and Santa Christmas plate.

I used fine point paint pens to write and draw a few more of the details. Once everything was dry I coated it with a layer of Mod Podge. Now I recently found that this method of sealing it is probably not the best. As you can see, a few of the red and green dots are missing on the plate. Apparently the paint and Mod Podge will all just peel off if anything sticks to it. So if anyone knows of a better way to seal these, let me know!

These also work great for birthday gifts and Mother and Father’s Day gifts. I had both kids make a plate for my mother-in-law for Mother’s Day. The idea didn’t quite turn out as clear as I had imagined but that’s the way it goes with these projects sometimes!

Pineapple hand and footprint plate.

This plate was fun to do because it incorporated both of our kids prints on one plate! The footprints turned out pretty well because my daughter was easier to get to cooperate than my son was. But even if it’s not perfect I think that adds to the uniqueness of it. And the top of a pineapple isn’t perfect so I thought it worked!

One other great thing to do with your kids hand and footprints is to make keepsakes for yourself. I found the idea on Pinterest when my daughter was born and have done it with both kids now. We took a small canvas and had my husband do his hand-print first, then mine and then my daughters/sons. Just make sure you let each hand-print dry before doing the next one.

Ella’s hand print.
Porter’s hand print.

We did this when both were newborns so it’s tricky to get their little hand open so don’t expect perfection with this. Once we had the prints on and dry I wrote on the canvas with permanent marker and that was it! I didn’t feel the need to seal these.

Have you ever made gifts like this? What other ideas have you seen done with hand and foot prints? Do you have a better way to seal the plates? Let us know all of your tips, trick and ideas!

3 thoughts on “Gift Giving Ideas from Kids”

  1. Attempted to make a gift like this 2 years ago with my niece. She screamed so loud after we dipped her foot in paint. Couldn’t even get her foot onto the canvas lol. Should try again since she is 4 now.

    1. My daughter definitely took some bribing to get her to cooperate! You will probably be more successful since she’s older now. 🙂

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