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Birthday Boards

By: Amanda Magnus

From the start of fall, we seem to have quite a few birthday celebrations! And that means birthday parties to plan and decorate for. So, of course we want to fill you all in on our tips and tricks for pulling off amazing parties with great decor while still keeping it cost effective.

Birthday boards have quickly become one of our favorite things to use. They are a decent size to fill in a larger space (so less smaller decorations needed) and they make a great photo prop! My birthday boards have evolved over the past 3 years. My first board I did by hand for my daughter’s first birthday.

The next year I was pregnant with our son and just didn’t have the ambition to do another one by hand so I paid to have one designed and then printed.

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And then I got a Cricut that allowed me to cut out all of the words and images and then apply them to the foam board. This made things easier since I really am not artistic and have terrible handwriting, so doing it by hand was not ideal for me. Kristen’s niece was kind enough to let me try out my new machine and make my first birthday board. You can read more about her party here.

Now I am working on finishing up Kristen’s grandpa’s 90th birthday board for his party at the end of this month. Yep, birthday boards aren’t just for kids! I recently made a birthday board for a 50th birthday party too.

The first thing I have to do is design the birthday board in Cricut Design Space. Once I have everything how I want it to look then I can send the vinyl through my Cricut to have it all cut.

This is some vinyl pieces that have the words cut out…but you can’t see the words until the excess is pulled off.

Once everything is cut I have to weed each piece. That basically means I have to pull off all of the surrounding vinyl and any vinyl inside the letters and pictures so that all that is left is the final image.

The excess vinyl was removed but still have to remove the small pieces within each letter.
Here’s how it looks once all of the extra vinyl pieces are removed.

Then I get my 16×20 foam board from Michaels and start to lay things out and measure where I need them. After I know about where they need to go I get my transfer tape. The transfer tape takes the vinyl image off of the paper backing so that I can apply it to the board.

This is probably the most stressful part for me! 🙂 Once that vinyl is on there it’s not coming off so there’s no room for error. As you can see from the picture below I use a mat with a grid as well as a big ruler to help make sure things are as centered and straight as possible.

Here’s the board and tools I use.

Once I place the vinyl on the board, I press down to make sure it’s adhered and then I pull off the clear transfer tape and there you have it! This is the start of the birthday board. You will have to stay tuned for a follow up post on how all of the party decor comes together and to see the final birthday board.

Sneak peak at part of the birthday board!

Have you ever made a birthday board? Do you use them for your parties? There are so many options and themes to personalize them you can make them fit any personality! Tell us how you plan and decorate for parties!


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