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Board & Brush: Our Experiences and Thoughts

By Kristen Finstad


So, one of mine and Amanda’s favorite things to do together is Board & Brush! If you haven’t been, you ought to go! If you’re unfamiliar, Board & Brush is this cute little place (with locations nationwide) where you basically turn a piece of raw wood into a super impressive decoration (wall hangings, coffee table trays, flower boxes, clocks, etc.) Whether you’re naturally artistic or not, it is so much fun. And the best part is it’s pretty much impossible to mess it up!


We’ve gone together twice now, and we’re scheduled to go again in November. We’ve each done it a couple times with other friends, too. I’ll share some photos below of our times at Board & Brush, and explain the whole process.


So, the first step is to book a class on their website. You can search by ZIP code to find the location nearest to you, look at their schedule of classes, and book it! You get to choose ahead of time which sign you want to make (there are dozens of signs themed for every holiday, season, and occasion), and then decide whether you want to personalize it with your name. Now all you have to do is count down the days until your class. 🙂

When you get to your class, your board and stencil will be waiting for you at a table, and you can even order a drink to sip on while you work!

Stencil for the project!

The instructors will give everyone a little intro on the first steps. First, you get to distress your boards. Instructors will pass out hammers, nails and meat tenderizers to use (this is the fun part!). Once everyone has their ear plugs in, the distressing begins! You can dent and scratch your board so that it looks like a piece of barn wood rather than a fresh piece of wood from Home Depot. Then, you sand down your board so that there are no slivers involved in the process. 🙂 You will focus on sanding down the edges. There’s no need to sand the front surface of your board since that is what you just distressed.

Plain boards before doing anything to them.


The next step is to stain your wood. You can choose from light, medium, and dark stains, a paint color, or a white wash, gray wash, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Staining our boards.


Amanda and Linda staining their boards from the first time we went together.

Once you’re done staining, you will need to attach your boards (if needed, not all boards need assembly) together by adding two braces on the back. This is another fun part. You get to use a power tool to drill the screws in!

Braces to hold the boards together.
Attaching the braces to the boards with the power drill.

After you have your braces attached you can add your hanging wire, that they provide you with, to the back of the board. You can also add the hanging wire to the back once you are done painting your board and have let it dry.

Braces are attached and the hanging wire was added at the top too.

Finally it’s time to get to painting the front of your board! First you peel your stencil off the contact paper and lay it down on your board how you want it.

Stencils laid down on our boards.

Linda helping me lay down my stencil from the first time we went together.

Then, you pick your colors and get to painting! If you have questions about colors or techniques to use, the staff is super helpful with giving ideas and helping you create the look you want!

Hard at work painting our boards


Once you’re all done and before your paint dries completely, you peel your stencil off and get to see what the finished product looks like! This is when you can scrape off excess paint or any other flaws there may be.

Peeling off the stencil.
Taking a look at the finished product 🙂


I’m tellin’ ya – whether you’re artistic or not, these things always turn out beautiful! The best part is walking around and seeing how everyone else’s turned out. They’re all so fun!


Here are our finished products:

And here are the most recent ones we did hung up on our walls!

This makes for a fun activity any day of the week, birthday party, bachelorette party – anything! Have you tried Board & Brush? Tell us about it and share your photos with us!

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