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Fall Wreath Reveal

By: Amanda Magnus

If you have been following our blog you’ve probably figured out by now that we love fall and doing crafts! So, we had our followers vote on social media for which fall wreath they wanted to see me make. And the winner was fall wreath #3.

Wreath #3 Photo from Home Bunch

This fall wreath is so cute and fun looking. The different materials provide a lot of texture. While I love the wreath as-is, I wanted to make it my own and change up the pieces a bit. I also wanted it to be able to work for the fall season as well as other seasons too. So here is a picture of the materials I used.

Materials for my fall wreath.

I was able to find all of my materials at Michael’s and even had some coupons to get me a great deal! I will give a price breakdown of everything at the end. But for now, the materials I used were an 18″ grapevine wreath, wooden letter M, Krylon gold glitter blast, fall colored zinnias and the berry cluster floral stems. I did also use some burlap and lace ribbon from the Dollar Tree.

Burlap and Lace Ribbon

Another tool I used was a needle nose pliers with a wire cutter. This helped me cut the floral stems since they have a piece of wire in them. I also used a hot glue gun to attach everything to my fall wreath.

Wire Cutter and Hot Glue Gun

The first thing I wanted to do was to spray paint the letter M so that it would be dry and ready to use when I started making my fall inspired wreath. The can said to do light coats but with the curly parts of the letter it was difficult to get it all coated without the glitter blast spray getting thick in some places. Because of this I ended up using most of the can to get it all even but it turned out just fine. I love the gold glitter look!

Gold Glitter M

As a side note I highly recommend crafting with a friend and some wine. Both are optional but I think it’s more fun to craft with someone! I made the wreath over at my cousin Liz’s place. If you aren’t on our Facebook or Instagram accounts, check them out to see the awesome Halloween and Fall wreaths she made!

Okay, back to the fall wreath! When I was ready to put my wreath together, I started to lay out my materials and decide where I wanted to place everything. I cut some flowers, pieces of the berry clusters and the ribbon. I began to lay things out on my wreath before gluing anything down.

For the ribbon, I just cut strips and then folded in half to make the loops. I glued the loop ends so they would stay together and then determined where I wanted them on the fall wreath.

Ribbon loop with the ends glued together.

When it came to the berry clusters I left them in the large clumps initially but I wasn’t loving how that looked. So I ended up pulling them a part. I used the smaller stems I pulled off and added them on top of some of the pieces of ribbon.

Once I had things looking how I wanted to, I began gluing them down with my hot glue gun. Hot glue guns are great for these types of projects but be warned that you are almost certain to end up burning yourself at least once. Please tell me that’s not just me!

It took a bit to get everything looking how I wanted but I have to say I’m pretty happy with how it turned out!

The finished wreath!
Close up of the fall wreath pieces I used.

I think the best part about this wreath is was the total cost!

Grapevine Wreath – $3.75

Berry Clusters – $5.62

Zinnias – $1.86

Wooden M – $2.25

Krylon Glitter Blast – $6.74

Burlap and Lace Ribbon – $1

Grand Total – $21.22

And the total cost is technically less than that since I didn’t use all of everything I bought. I have a little left over of the floral pieces, glitter blast spray and the ribbon. Either way $20 for a wreath that is made exactly how you want isn’t bad!

The nice thing about wreaths is there is no right or wrong way to do it. Don’t be afraid to experiment and pull things apart. Most everything is fixable with a little bit of hot glue or else there is always duct tape. 🙂 There is so much room for creativity you really can’t go wrong!

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