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Gettin’ Crafty: Halloween Luminaries Edition

By Kristen Finstad


Let me start off by saying that Andrew wanted me to name this blog post “Eat, Drink and BOO Crafty”. Not a bad idea.

Anyway – I asked, and you answered! Two weeks ago I listed several Halloween craft options, and the Halloween Luminaries received the most votes. Remember these?

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I was a little nervous how it’d turn out (as I’m sure is normal when crafting), but I went for it! First up: a trip to Hobby Lobby.


I grabbed three Mason jars, some Halloween ribbon, sticker letters (they had tons of fonts and sizes!), some frosted glass finish, some glitter blast spray, and some no-flame tealights. Oh, and some sponge brushes, because I thought I’d paint the jars’ lids, but decided not to after all. 🙂

The first step was to stick the BOO letters on the jars.

Next, I took the frosted glass spray and did a couple quick coats on each Mason jar.

I took the picture after frosting just one jar so you could see the difference. After they dry (about 30 minutes), the next step is to add the glitter blast spray. I will warn you – the jars looked pretty awful after the frosted glass spray. They were splotchy and uneven, and I panicked. But then when I added the glitter blast spray, it covered up all the flaws.

See? Glitter really does make everything better! So, after that dries (about another half hour), you get to peel the stickers off! The fun part!

It was so satisfying to peel it off and see the clear glass underneath! All that’s left is to decorate. So, I stuck the tea lights inside, added the lids, and tied some ribbon around the lids.

Amanda had sent me some little spider and bat decals, so I added those:

Cute, right? It was like the cherry on top! So here’s the finished product lit up in the window:

I love the way they turned out! Such a fun little Halloween craft that doesn’t involve gutting pumpkins. 🙂


Click this link to view a video of the luminaries flickering: IMG_9959

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