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Pinterest Halloween Crafts – What’s Your Vote?

By: Kristen Finstad

Halloween is quickly approaching, and I firmly believe that there are few things cozier than a house decorated for fall and all of its festivities. I’ve done my due diligence in researching Halloween crafts on Pinterest, and I’ve found a few of my favorites. Some are spooky and some are cute. I’m relying on you guys to help me decide which one to make this season! Check out my favorites below, and then take to social media or comment on this post to vote on which one I should make!

  1. Mason Jar Luminaries
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    These cute Mason jars would be perfect to light up a coffee table, fireplace, or even a front porch. This is an easy little craft that you could keep on-hand from year to year as the perfect Halloween decoration.


2. Tin Cans

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I’ve got plenty of leftover tin cans on-hand for this cute (but simple) craft! Just add paint, right?


3. BOO letters

This cute craft just requires some cardboard letters, fabric, a little Mod Podge, and your living room is transformed into a festive and spooky space.


4. Candy Corn Button Art

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I’m always looking for wall art to switch out from season to season, and this simple piece is perfect for Halloween festivities!


5. Paper Pumpkins

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These ones may be a little tougher to store from year-to-year, but with how simple they are, it just might make for an easy fall crafting tradition each year!


6. Garland

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This homemade decoration can transform any wall or fireplace in minutes. With a little bit of fabric and string, you’ve got some festive fall garland!


Pinterest has done it again. With so many simple and cute Halloween decorations, I’ve clearly got a tough decision ahead of me! That’s where you come in. Comment below or on our social media post and vote for which craft I should make this week! I will have a follow up blog post documenting how the final craft turns out!


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