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Must Watch Fall T.V. Shows

By: Amanda Magnus and Kristen Finstad

When it comes to the fall season there are so many things to look forward too. Beautiful fall colors, cool crisp air, pumpkin spice everything, apple crisp and the start of new seasons of our favorite shows! It’s probably no secret by now that fall is our favorite season!

So, what will we be watching this fall? Well we feel we have a good variety of T.V. shows on our list. We like reality T.V. as well as dramas. Here is our list of must watch shows for this fall in no particular order.

  1. Dancing with the Stars (DWTS) – This is a show we don’t necessarily watch every season. It’s a reality series where celebrities and dancers team up to perform a dance each week. Then America gets to vote on who they want to stay and the couple with the least amount of votes gets the boot. We are watching this season because “Grocery Store Joe” is on and we loved watching him on Bachelor in Paradise. What can I say? We are suckers for reality T.V. You can watch DWTS Monday and Tuesday nights at 7pm CDT on ABC.
  2. The Good Doctor – This is a show that is only on its second season but has so far been pretty good. It is about a doctor named Shaun and he has autistim. He works as a surgeon helping to solve medical cases that are often times not very straight forward. Due to his autism, he is unable to make personal connections very easily with his colleagues and patients. Throughout the show you see him faced with challenges that he continues to overcome and prove his medical capabilities. This is a must watch if you enjoy medical drama series. You can watch The Good Doctor on Monday nights at 9pm CDT on ABC.
  3. A Million Little Things – This is a brand new series starting that will premiere on Wednesday, October 3rd at 9pm CDT on ABC. If you are looking for a new series to watch this may be it! It’s about a group of friends that come together when one of them dies unexpectedly. They learn how important friendship is and how to continue on after their friends passing. This may be a bit of a tear jerker but we think it’s going to be a T.V. drama you won’t want to miss!
  4. The Walking Dead – Now this is not a show that I (Amanda) would have ever anticipated watching. But, my husband insisted that it was a good one. So I gave it a chance and much to my surprise I really enjoy it aside from how gory it gets at times. Despite covering my eyes for parts of the show I’m still able to easily follow the story line. 😉 This series is about people figuring out how to continue with life and survive after a zombie apocalypse. They start out in just small groups but eventually find larger civilizations to integrate into. However, each new compound has its own set of rules and each group has their own authority figures so there isn’t a lack of power struggles and drama. The new season premieres on Wednesday, October 7th at 8pm CDT on AMC.
  5. Survivor – Jeff Probst is the host of this reality series where a group of participants, referred to as castaways, are dropped off on an island to survive for 39 days. They are split into tribes to work as a team. Each week they have different challenges to either win immunity or a reward. If their team doesn’t win immunity then they must vote off someone from their tribe that week. The shows motto is “Outwit, Outplay, Outlast” and that’s exactly what the participants have to do if they want to win. If you like reality T.V. this is a must watch! You can watch Wednesdays at 7pm on CBS.
  6. Grey’s Anatomy – You’ve probably heard of this one or at least heard of McDreamy and McSteamy who once were regulars on this T.V. drama series! Grey’s Anatomy is another medical drama that follows doctors and interns through life working at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital dealing with life threatening emergencies all while navigating their own personal lives filled with love, drama and loss. The new season started with a 2 hour season premiere last night. You can catch future episodes on Thursdays at 7pm CDT on ABC.

    Pizza and Wine
    Pizza and wine, no better way to watch the 2 hour season premiere of Grey’s Anatomy!
  7. Station 19 – This show follows a group of firefighters navigating work life at the station as well their own personal relationships outside of the station. At times their personal relationships overlap with their work life and create, you guessed it, drama! This is a spin off from Grey’s Anatomy. The character Ben Warren, the husband of Bailey on Grey’s Anatomy, stars in this T.V. drama. There are occasionally cross over episodes where the firefighters from Station 19 will bring people they rescue to the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Station 19 is only on its second season but it is a fast paced drama that will keep you on the edge of your seat! You can see the premiere on Thursday, October 4 at 8pm CDT on ABC.
  8. Hell’s Kitchen – This is another reality series that follows a group of aspiring chefs through food competitions with the famous Chef Gordon Ramsay in hopes of winning a job as one of Ramsay’s head chefs. He is a tough mentor and isn’t easy on the contestants. He puts a lot of pressure on them to see who can persevere and succeed when things heat up. If you like reality T.V., cooking shows and drama then this may be the show for you! You can watch the season 18 premiere tonight at 8pm CDT on FOX.
  9. Shark Tank – Another reality show where entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to a group of investors to try and get them to invest in their ideas. It’s always fun to see what new things people are coming up with and to discover products you may not even know existed. The new season premieres on October 7th at 9pm CDT on ABC.
  10. Football – And then there’s football! Football season is one of our (or maybe our significant others) favorite things about the fall season. Now don’t get us wrong…we look forward to the NFL football season too, but some of us may be a bit more invested than others. Either way we will be watching the games and cheering on our favorite teams!

    Photo by: Sarah Pflug

We hope this gives you a good list of shows to watch this fall season. Whether you’ll be tuning in to some of these shows as a new watcher or a veteran one we are confident there will not be a lack of options for good T.V.

Is there a show we didn’t mention that you think is a must watch? Tell us in the comments and we will be sure to check it out!

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