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Furniture Face-Lift

By: Amanda Magnus

DIY projects can be fun but also intimidating, kind of like starting a blog. But, like our first blog post and figuring out a new project we think it’s best to just jump in, so here we go!

When it came to refinishing furniture I had no idea what I was doing. So what does any new project require? Research on Pinterest of course! So I set out to learn how to refinish a piece of furniture. I wanted to learn how to stain, paint and glaze.

A little back story: When my husband and I bought our first home the previous owners had a china hutch that we loved. We decided we eventually wanted to put one where they had theirs. Well if you’ve never looked at china hutches, they can be expensive. So we decided we would watch for one on some “for sale” sites. That wasn’t working out, so we thought why not see if I could get an older piece and make it look how we wanted. So when this buffet came up for FREE, we couldn’t pass it up!

I had found some inspiration on Pinterest and decided I would stain the top and then paint the rest and add a glaze. The first thing I had to do was remove all of the hardware, drawers and doors. I ended up spray painting the hardware black. Then I started sanding the top down to bare wood since I knew I wanted to stain that. Once I had it completely sanded down and cleaned off I began staining with an oil based Minwax stain in Jacobean. Once I had the stain how I liked it, I sealed the top with Minwax Polycrylic.

The next step was to rough up the rest of the buffet that I wanted to paint with some sandpaper. Because I was painting, I didn’t need to sand it all the way down to bare wood. So once I sanded and wiped it off I was ready to start painting! I chose Benjamin Moore Mozart Blue in an eggshell finish.

Once the paint was dry I began to put on a glaze. I mixed my own glaze with a base and black paint to make a dark grey color. This part was the intimidating part because I had never done anything with a glaze before. So I just jumped in and figured I could always paint over it if it didn’t turn out. But, I was pleasantly surprised once I started and realized how easy it was! Once the glaze was done I let it dry, reattached the hardware, drawers and doors admired the finished product!

I was so happy with how it turned out I knew I would want to do more refinishing projects! Stay tuned to see another post on how I refinished a china hutch for our kitchen!

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